Our Journey

We set out to create the most sustainable single-serve coffee available.

For over 35 years we’ve been roasting, packaging and selling premium coffees as Canterbury Coffee, a Canadian owned and operated company. When we saw the growing popularity of single-serve coffee we were concerned about the amount of garbage it generates. (Over 10 billion single-serve capsules will be purchased this year.) That’s why we decided to develop a better solution, for consumers and the planet. We set out to create the most sustainable single-serve coffee available, without sacrificing taste or our environment. In 2013 we launched OneCoffee. And now we’re getting close to our goal. We won’t stop until our soft pods are 100% compostable.

The journey’s not over. We’re working hard to ensure compostable plastics (our pod and other items like cutlery, take-out containers and even those green bag liners) are accepted in your municipal green bins.


We looked at features that would benefit both people and the planet.

When we developed OneCoffee, we took a holistic approach to sustainability. We looked at features that would benefit both people and the planet. We determined that OneCoffee must be organic, we must use fair trade coffee, and we must develop packaging with the least impact on the environment. Our processes had to be as sustainable as possible too. For example, our OneCoffee Decaf is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process. This environmentally friendly process is 100% chemical free and produces a delicious caffeine-free coffee.

Everything we do is geared toward making the best product possible in the most environmentally friendly way possible. After all, there would be no OneCoffee without our one planet.


Our customers can look forward to the same great taste, cup after cup after cup.

A good cup of coffee may seem deceptively simple. But a lot of hard work goes into making it a reality. It comes down to choosing exactly the right beans, then carefully roasting and blending them. We only use 100% Arabica, high-grown coffee beans. Each shipment of green beans is different, which means they have to be individually tested and judged for aroma, flavour and mouth-feel. This is a process called “cupping,” which is performed by our Roast Master. He’s one of only a select group of active licensed Q-graders (an industry designation) in Canada. He oversees the roasting of every batch to ensure every cup of OneCoffee delivers the superb flavour you expect. We’re passionate about coffee and we won’t settle for anything less than the very best. One taste of OneCoffee and we think you’ll agree.