Blog: Canterbury Coffee OneCoffee Review


I have a Keurig® coffee brewer and I love it. The best thing about it is that I can make one cup of coffee at a time. The one thing I worry a bit about is the K-cups they are not biodegradable so when I found the OneCoffee from Canterbury Coffee I was excited. OneCoffee is 90% biodegradable by weight. 90% of a OneCoffee cup will biodegrade in an industrial composter. The hard plastic, paperboard and coffee we use are 100% certified compostable. The overwrap is not currently biodegradable, but we a working towards a solution for this in the future. Not only was the coffee great but I was not harming the environment.

I like the variety of coffee that OneCoffee offers there is something for everyone. They have French Roast, Ethiopian, Peruvian, Breakfast, Sumatran, Colombian and Decaf. I like a bit lighter coffee like the Breakfast or Colombian but I tried a few of the coffees that Canterbury Coffee has and liked them all. All of the varieties contain 100% Arabica, strictly hard-bean, certified organic and fair-trade coffees. The fair-trade means that all of the farms that the beans are harvested from pay and treat their employees fairly.
Right now OneCoffee is available at premium retailers across Canada. Is it not available for purchase online. If you would like to connect with OneCoffee you can do so on Facebook.
Source: Kaisy
October 4th, 2013|Reviews|