Blog: Canterbury Coffee Biodegradable K-Cups


Canada’s Canterbury Coffee has introduced the World’s FIRST EVER biodegradable and environmentally safe, fair-trade, organic K-Cup compatible cup – OneCoffee™. This is not to be compared to a reusable pod that you put in a filter basket – it’s the world’s first K-Cup compatible cup of its kind that you can dispose of in an eco-friendly way by conveniently placing in your trash. Coffee drinkers love K-Cups but the consumer demand for an actual biodegradable, fair-trade, organic K-Cup compatible cup has been extremely high as original K-Cups will not recycle.
OneCoffee is an Organic Single Serve Coffee made with 100% strictly hard-bean, organic and fair-trade Arabica coffees. It comes in several varieties including:

  • Ethiopian
  • French Roast
  • Peruvian Dark
  • Sumatran
  • Breakfast Blend
  • Dark Roast Decaf

Kevin tried 4 of the varieties and said they were really good and seemed stronger than regular K-cup coffees. I really like that we get the convenience of a K-Cup but don’t have to worry about the waste sitting in the landfill for years!!!

Source: Who Said Nothing In Life is Free

October 2nd, 2013|Reviews|