Blog: Enjoy OneCoffee Single Serve Cups for Your “Me Time”


We’ve talked a lot on Mommy Moment about Moms needing and deserving some “me time“. We have heard from a lot of our readers letting us know what they would love to do for some me time.

  • bubble bath
  • reading a book
  • nap
  • tv show
  • working out
  • and a HUGE majority of you said you loved to sit down and relax with a cup of coffee!


Why not sit down with that cup of coffee all the while knowing that you are helping the environment. OneCoffee offers a solution to those concerned about the disposal of other single-serve cups. They offer you the world’s first biodegradable, organic and fair trade single serve cup!

Because other standard single-serve cups that are made of plastic, a coffee filter, grounds and plastic foil on top, it is hard to separate and dispose of each portion for proper recycling/cleanup. The OneCoffee Single Serve Cups soft bottomed cups use 40% less plastic than the standard cups, are 90% biodegradable, and packaging is carbon neutral.

OneCoffee has a range of flavors and you can be sure that one of these great flavors will become your favorite:

  • Breakfast Blend — rich & exotic
  • French Roast — dark, daring & delicious
  • Decaf Dark — dark & decafinated
  • Columbian — tangy & medium
  • Peruvian Dark — sweet & delicious
  • Sumatran — dark, earthy & caramelly
  • Ethiopian — light to medium


My husband is a HUGE dark coffee fan and fell in love with the Peruvian while I enjoy the Breakfast Blend or the French Roast.

All coffees are fair-trade and organic and each flavor is compatible with K-Cup style brewers. OneCoffe’s single-serve cups are individually wrapped for freshness and safety.

OneCoffee is brought to you by Canterbury Coffee. Canterbury Coffee was established in 1981, driven by a spirit of innovation, Canterbury Coffee has steadily grown to become one of Canada’s leading roasters and the only one with roasting facilities on both sides of the nation. It is a journey filled with purpose – continuously seeking out new opportunities to improve, to grow, to adapt. We are serious about our coffee and of upholding our reputation for producing only the finest quality products.

Source: Mommy Moment

August 20th, 2013|Reviews|