What’s Next: Compostable Coffee

The launch of OneCoffee's 99 percent compostable coffee pods pair consumers' desire for more single-serve beverage options with a greater focus on environmental sustainability. made with 100 percent certified-organic and Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans, the pods come in Breakfast Blend, Colombian Blend, French Roast, Sumatran Blend and Decaf varieties. OneCoffee's new offerings are compatible [...]

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From hemp and turmeric to artisan dairy-free ‘cheese’: Nine natural food trends for 2015

By: Elaine Watson From veggie powders on your food to arisen dairy-free 'cheeses' made from nuts, Sterling-Rice Group (SRG) selects nine natural food trends it predicts will inspire packaged foods and foodservice menus in 2015. As for overarching themes, says SRG, look out for "new and revitalized sources for daily nutrition", as well as easier-to-use delivery [...]

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OneCoffee releases eco-friendly package: Single-serve pod is 99 percent compostable

OneCoffee released its new 99 percent compostable single-serve coffee pods to offer consumers coffee in an eco-friendly package. OneCoffee is made with premium 100 percent Arabica, certified-organic and Fair Trade coffee beans and is available in the following dark- and medium-roast varieties: Breakfast Blend, Colombian Blend, French Roast, Sumatran Blend and Decaf. OneCoffee is suitable [...]

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Q-and-A: How Canterbury Coffee helped cut the waste from single-serve coffee

BY TRICIA SMITH, SMART BLOGS. Sales of single-serve coffee pods continue to rise as consumers turn to one-cup brewers for their convenience and wide array of flavor options. But as more people choose single-serve pods as their preferred coffee method, concerns about the environmental impact of the non-recyclable, non-biodegradable pods have become harder to ignore. [...]

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Blog: Canterbury Coffee OneCoffee Review

BY KAISY. I have a Keurig® coffee brewer and I love it. The best thing about it is that I can make one cup of coffee at a time. The one thing I worry a bit about is the K-cups they are not biodegradable so when I found the OneCoffee from Canterbury Coffee I was [...]

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Blog: Canterbury Coffee Biodegradable K-Cups

BY WHO SAID NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE?. Canada’s Canterbury Coffee has introduced the World’s FIRST EVER biodegradable and environmentally safe, fair-trade, organic K-Cup compatible cup – OneCoffee™. This is not to be compared to a reusable pod that you put in a filter basket – it’s the world’s first K-Cup compatible cup of its [...]

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Blog: World’s 1st Biodegradable, Fairtrade, Organic, K-Cup Compatible Single Serve Cup

BY MOMMOMONTHEGO. I will admit it, MomMomOnTheGo loves her coffee. I also love my Keurig. So when I was introduced to the world’s first biodegradable, Fairtrade, Organic, K-Cup compatible single serve cup, I was in heaven. The only question left was……how good was the coffee itself!I am most happy to report that I absolutely LOVED [...]

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Single-serve coffee’s dark side: waste

BY DAVID WORTHINGTON, SMART PLANET. Over 13 percent of offices and over 10% of U.S. households have bought into the single-serve coffee craze, but convenience has a price. Hundreds of millions of pounds of “pod” trash is entering landfills every year.Single-serve coffee is all the rage – even Starbucks is selling its own system in [...]

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