Q. How do you brew a cup of OneCoffee?

A. Use fresh, cold water to fill the reservoir tank on your single-serve machine. Depending on taste preference, we recommend brewing with the 6 oz cup setting for a full-flavoured coffee, or the 8 oz cup setting for a milder coffee.

Q. Which single-serve machines is OneCoffee compatible with?

A. OneCoffee is Keurig 2.0 compatible and works in K-Cup® compatible single-serve coffee makers such as Keurig®, Cuisinart® or Hamilton Beach® brewers. OneCoffee pods ARE NOT compatible with Keurig Vue®, Tassimo® or other types of single-serve brewers.
Q. I get an “Oops” message on my Keurig machine.

A. OneCoffee lids were printed with a special ink that is readable and accepted by the Keurig® machine. If you receive this error message “Oops! This pack wasn’t designed for this brewer. Please try the one of the hundreds of packs with the Keurig® logo,” please try the following:

  • Open the Keurig® lid and rotate the pod clockwise 90 degrees. Close the Keurig® lid to brew again.

If that doesn’t work, please email us at hello@onecoffee.com or call us 1-855-882-8080.

Q. What does 99% compostable mean?

A. OneCoffee is 99% compostable by weight, which means that 99% of a OneCoffee soft pod will compost in a commercial composter, within 180 days, which is the international standard. The ring, lid and coffee are 100% certified compostable, and so is the bag. The filter mesh is the only part that is not yet compostable. To date, we haven’t found a supplier who can manufacture a compostable version capable of withstanding the heat and pressure that occurs in the production process for our soft pods. But we’re not giving up – we’re going to keep looking for a solution until we meet our goal of being 100% certified compostable. So stay tuned.

Q. Can I dispose of my used OneCoffee soft pods in my garden or food waste composter?

A. No, unfortunately, because there are different methods of composting, each requiring varying degrees of maintenance, we cannot provide a time frame or guarantee the success of the compost. A commercial compost is a managed process where ideal conditions are created and maintained to ensure the degradation of compostable matter into useful compost. After removing the filter mesh, we recommend disposing of used OneCoffee soft pods and the foil-like compostable bag in a commercial compost facility or your curbside green bin (compost) collection. Compost facilities are expanding across the country and there may be one near you. To find a compost facility in your area, please visit Find A Composter.

Q. Why does OneCoffee look different from other single-serve cups?

A. Our goal is to make OneCoffee 100% compostable. In order to help reach that goal, OneCoffee is a soft pod, versus the traditional plastic cup used by other single-serve coffees. Our soft pods provide more of a “French Press” experience. There’s more surface area to extract the aroma and flavour of the coffee. The coffee smells better and tastes better because more water is in contact with the coffee grinds. The ring we use is made of bio-resin which is produced using plant materials, instead of non-renewable petroleum (oil) products. The lid and bag we use are also 100% compostable.

Q. Is OneCoffee organic and fair trade?

A. Yes, all OneCoffee varieties contain 100% Arabica coffee that is both certified USDA organic and certified fair trade.

Q. How is OneCoffee Decaf processed?

A. OneCoffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process. This environmentally friendly process is 100% chemical free and produces a delicious coffee that is caffeine-free.

Q. Will flavoured OneCoffee varieties be created in the future?

A. Given our focus on using 100% organic coffee, and the lack of availability of quality certified organic flavourings, we have no plans at this time to add flavoured coffees.

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