What’s Next: Compostable Coffee

The launch of OneCoffee's 99 percent compostable coffee pods pair consumers' desire for more single-serve beverage options with a greater focus on environmental sustainability. made with 100 percent certified-organic and Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans, the pods come in Breakfast Blend, Colombian Blend, French Roast, Sumatran Blend and Decaf varieties. OneCoffee's new offerings are compatible [...]

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OneCoffee releases eco-friendly package: Single-serve pod is 99 percent compostable

OneCoffee released its new 99 percent compostable single-serve coffee pods to offer consumers coffee in an eco-friendly package. OneCoffee is made with premium 100 percent Arabica, certified-organic and Fair Trade coffee beans and is available in the following dark- and medium-roast varieties: Breakfast Blend, Colombian Blend, French Roast, Sumatran Blend and Decaf. OneCoffee is suitable [...]

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Q-and-A: How Canterbury Coffee helped cut the waste from single-serve coffee

BY TRICIA SMITH, SMART BLOGS. Sales of single-serve coffee pods continue to rise as consumers turn to one-cup brewers for their convenience and wide array of flavor options. But as more people choose single-serve pods as their preferred coffee method, concerns about the environmental impact of the non-recyclable, non-biodegradable pods have become harder to ignore. [...]

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Single-serve coffee’s dark side: waste

BY DAVID WORTHINGTON, SMART PLANET. Over 13 percent of offices and over 10% of U.S. households have bought into the single-serve coffee craze, but convenience has a price. Hundreds of millions of pounds of “pod” trash is entering landfills every year.Single-serve coffee is all the rage – even Starbucks is selling its own system in [...]

2017-03-05T18:38:18+00:00 August 28th, 2013|Sustainability|
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